SERRANO was founded in 2014 by Colombian entrepreneur Margarita Serrano, when she had the vision of creating the perfect women’s jacket using textiles made with the world's finest fibers.
Margarita went to Law School in Bogotá, Colombia and decided to move to New York and pursue her dream of becoming a fashion entrepreneur right after graduating as an attorney. She started interning for fashion companies in New York and then moved to Milan to pursue Fashion studies.  
When she was living in Milan, she started experimenting with menswear tailoring fabrics of Italian origin and created a collection of 10 smart, feminine, chic jackets. She envisioned SERRANO to be a line of beautifully made contemporary womenswear: using only the finest materials, manufactured by the best factories, priced reasonably (direct to consumer only) and delivered to the doors of women around the world. 
The foundation of the brand is to transform the best textiles and materials into investment pieces. Both essential and sophisticated, but always with a fashionable edge.

Margarita works hard to design, manufacture and deliver beautiful, empowering collections to women's doors. She travels often in search for the most precious fabrics and factories that will inspire her to create new pieces. She wants to dress women who love beautifully and responsibly made garments, that are meant to last forever.

 Margarita Serrano

 Margarita Serrano, photographed for Forbes