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Margarita Serrano

SERRANO was founded in 2014 by Colombian entrepreneur Margarita Serrano, when she had the vision of creating the perfect women’s blazer using menswear tailoring textiles of italian origin.

She started working with fabrics from some of the world’s top wool mills and created a collection of 10 smart, feminine, chic blazers. SERRANO has grown into a global contemporary womenswear brand, now featuring a sublime outerwear line plus a 100% silk line of tops, shirts, dresses and a super cool line of crossbody leather bags. 

The foundation of the brand is to work only with the best textiles, leather and accesories in order to transform them into pieces that are essential and sophisticated, but always with an edge. Both smart and cool. 

We deliver the most beautiful range of contemporary womenswear to the doors of women around the world.